Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Favorite Lipsticks of 2011: Revlon, MAC, and NYX

In order from left to right: Revlon -070 Soft Nude, Mac- Freckletone Lustre Finish, Mac - Cherish Satin Finish, Mac - Dubonnet Amplified Finish, NYX -LSS 529 Thalia, and NYX- LSS 609 Perfect Taupe

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying the start to 2012! So I thought I would do a review on my favorite lipsticks from 2011. The first one I love is a drugstore product and very affordable. The Revlon Soft Nude lipstick is the perfect drugstore nude, it's a soft nude pink colour and perfect for everyday. The only bad thing about this lipstick is that it is a little drying on the lips, but as long as you use a lip pencil and moisturize your lips its amazing! Mac's Freckletone is also an amazing product, it's a peachy colour that works on a lot of skin tones, especially on darker skin t ones. It's a universal colour in my opinion and another perfect lipstick for everyday use. Mac's Cherish looks a lot darker in the bottle but when applied its a subtle dark pink colour that looks beautiful and the lustre satin finish makes it very creamy. Lastly from my Mac favorites, Dubonnet is great rich, dark red, creamy lipstick. It lasts for hours and definetly a must have for any girl's lipstick collection. Perfect thalia is similar to Mac's Cherish but it is darker but very creamy, which is my favorite part of this lipstick! Lastly, NYX's Perfect Taupe is the perfect nude for someone of a dark skin tone, I wouldn't recommend this one to anyone with a light skin tone. Hope you guys found this review useful and feel free to leave me comments with any future reviews you would like me to do. Swatches coming soon!:D


  1. I love nude/pink lipsticks too

  2. I love them! Perfect addition to your daily makeup routine<3